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at least its your hands at my throat

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[Monday _ Dec 6, 2004 @ ]
I've decided to change my journal. I haven't decided if my new one will be friends only or public. For now it's public.


So, I will make the rounds of adding everyone onto my new friends list and so make sure you add me back.


edit:I did a somewhat large friends cut on my new name. If I forgot to add you to my new name, or I figured that you don't read my journal and took you off but you'd like to be added back, comment there and I'll take care of it. so this journal is officially done.
3 remember when my dreams were dying

[Monday _ Nov 22, 2004 @ ]

Well, my hair turned out differently than I expected. It's like...bluish black. Hard to get used to. I don't have any pictures yet. I've had this girl from my computer class instant messaging me and harassing me like "my name is draco and i think you're cute." hahahahaha. Seif walked right up to her computer and it was her of course. So I scooted in my little swivel chair right over there and told her to please stop harassing me on AIM. It's SO mature. She was like "uhh Amber told me to do it."

anyway...since this person didn't stop, I was forced to turn around and yell at Lippy AGAIN.since she's involved. WHAT A WASTE OF OXYGEN.

people are so funny. find something constructive to do like smoking crack or setting things on fire. Kill yourself if you feel the urge. Our country is severely overpolluted anyway.

Just keep my name out of your dumbshit mouths
24 remember when my dreams were dying

[Friday _ Nov 19, 2004 @ ]
Tonight I'm going to dye my hair again finally. My roots are wayy to long. So we're going to correct it. And I found a date for Banquet. I'm bringing Sean. God fucking help me. I'll probably end up strangling him within the first half hour. But, he can be nice when he wants to be.

So anyway. I'm so fucking sore from practice yesterday. But all day tomorrow that's what me and Liz are going to do. Gotta get it PERFECT for tryouts on Tuesday. I wrote my paper for Seif and turned it in. I got an A because I stapled it with Blue staples. That's so awesome!!!!hahaha.
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[Sunday _ Nov 14, 2004 @ ]
10 remember when my dreams were dying

I got 99 problems...but a bitch aint one. [Saturday _ Nov 13, 2004 @ ]
Here..I only took 1 and it sucks. but this...is the result of my trip to the hair salon this morning. I havent had a chance to dye it yet. The end.
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[Friday _ Nov 12, 2004 @ ]
Yesterday I hung out with ashley, greg, and cody. I pushed sean down a flight of stairs. but not for real, of course. right?

Seifert has a livejournal now. word to hailey and alexis for making it!! we <3 our comp teacher!

fuckshitdamncocksuckerbitchwhore...haha seifert you can't yell at me for saying that!

PENIS. or that. :)

p.s- seifert does carebears. eewwwww. that CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER.
remember when my dreams were dying

[Tuesday _ Nov 9, 2004 @ ]
here...a couple random pictures I took today to occupy myself.

p.s- you guys are reallly slacking on comments these days...let's try to fix that so i don't feel like i'm talking to myself here :)
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[Monday _ Nov 8, 2004 @ ]

You Know You're Irish When....

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You won't eat meat on Friday, but you'll drink a pint for breakfast.

You consider any Irishman who has become successful a traitor.

You have great respect for the truth, and you only use it in emergencies.

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You cry at sad movies, but you cheer in battle.

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You swear very well.

You think you sing very well.

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You're strangely poetic after a few beers.

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You can't wait for the other guy to stop talking so you can start talking.

Much of your food is boiled.

You are, or know someone, named "Murph." If you don't know Murph, then you know Mac. If you don't know Murph or Mac, then you know Sully, and you'll probably also know Sully McMurphy.

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My weekend [Sunday _ Nov 7, 2004 @ ]
Friday night, well...me and Liz just went crazy in a way. It was fun,though..even if I said alot of things to alot of people that I kick myself for now.

Saturday I was sick. Barf and sleep. Yup.

Today..I went to the firehouse with Liz and there was a run. I couldnt go on it but I think I got credit for responding. And we got to speed to the firehouse legally. woo. Tonight I was sad about some things...and I called Dan because he would understand it, and then I went downstairs and like 10 minutes later he came to visit me on his way to pick up alex, and it cheered me up. He's a really good friend, I love him to death.

Kevin called me but my fucking mother decided to tie up the phone so I didn't get to talk to him. that sucks. Hopefully he can come up in 2 weeks like I'm planning.

So now that I've filled in my weekend, I'm going to go upstairs and watch some tv before I go to bed. night<3
remember when my dreams were dying

[Saturday _ Nov 6, 2004 @ ]
All I've really got to say at the moment is that anonymous posts are sad. I understand that jealousy is a bitch, but please, can we keep the drama above the elementary school level? I've also disabled anonymous posts. So, you can either bring issues directly to me, or you can go fuck yourself. Thanks so much for thinking of me! <3
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[Wednesday _ Nov 3, 2004 @ ]
This computer project is driving me fucking insane. I'm not literate in this line drawing thing.

Kevy is still grounded. :(

I think Bush is going to win Who is moving to Canada with me?

Yesterday I went out with Ashley to the mall and picked up job applications. However, I got voted in at the Firehouse so I won't have time for another job yet. My first training thing is tonight and I'm nervous because I don't know a goddamn thing!!!! Liz will have to fill me in on....um..everything.

Back to my project. bye.
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[Monday _ Nov 1, 2004 @ ]
Last night I gave in and went trick-or-treating....in my car. I was a pirate.

Tomorrow we don't have school. I plan on going to Wawa and Taco Bell.

Kevin is grounded and I haven't talked to him hardly at all, and it's pissing me off. so. anyway. My parents saod he can come back up the 2nd week of November. He'd better.

I'm gonna go to lunch because I have a headache and my computer project is being shitty.
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[Saturday _ Oct 30, 2004 @ ]
the last couple days have been awesome.

Thursday night I went shopping with Samantha and Alex because I absolutely NEEDED to buy a shirt. It was fun....and then later I was watching TV and Alex showed back up with Dan. I love those two. They hung out with me until like 9:30 or so.

Yesterday I drove the truck to school!!!! hahhaha. I think I'll drive it everyday until my parents get me a car. It's fun to drive. Then last night I went to the mall with Ashley, Greg and Mike. I got this really cute skirt and it was only 5 bucks! And then I saw this other skirt and I remembered how Liz wanted it and since that one was only $5 too, I bought it for her.

shiitttt my dad's back i gotta go. update after the wedding
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[Thursday _ Oct 28, 2004 @ ]
I don't have anything to say right now so I'm updating for the sake of updating.

Uhm...this is really weird my mind is just drawing a blank today i really can't find a damn thing to talk about.

lol okay so bye until my brain fart evaporates.
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[Tuesday _ Oct 26, 2004 @ ]
I got my homecoming pictures back from my other camera. They came out really well. If I can find a way to post them, I definitely will. Even though nobody leaves me comments anymore. Way to suck, people.

Anyway...tonight is College night. I'm gonna try to go.

I would just like to take this oppurtunity to tell Ashley Kassess that she is super.

Friday I think everyone is going to that Scare Delaware thing. You're not cool if you're not going. Unless we don't liek you and wouldn't want you there, anyway. In that case, please continue to suck.

I have to figure out which dress I'm wearing to the wedding. Even though I don't really want to go. But I've never been to one before, so maybe the reception afterwards will be sort of kickass.

Nothing else to say right now.

Except I hope my Kevy feels better and I love his silly ass to pieces<333333
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[Sunday _ Oct 24, 2004 @ ]
This morning I woke up and I couldn't go back to sleep. So I did what anyone would do. I made chicken fajitas. Duh.

I have alot of makeup work to do since I was out of school most of the week. I'll be happy to go back tomorrow, though. Sitting in my house all day really isn't terribly fun.

So today...I am going to do that make up work, and then I think Alex and I are supposed to hang out. I want him to help me carve my pumpkin because I really just want the seeds, but my mom said I can't just do that without carving it. So,I'll need help.

Next weekend is my uncle's wedding so I won't really get to do Halloween stuff. Maybe on Halloween itself I'll be home and I can hang out with Liz since last night turned out wrong.

I'm gonna go take my medicine before I forget and I get all icky so maybe I'll update later.
1 remember when my dreams were dying

[Friday _ Oct 22, 2004 @ ]

I would appreciate some communication here. because god forbid someone go out of their way to make contat with me when im not right there. it's SO HARD!!!

7 remember when my dreams were dying

[Thursday _ Oct 21, 2004 @ ]
well, i'm still sick. I'm getting really restless not being able to leave my house and I kinda want some visitors or something so I don't feel like such a hermit:(

on the bright side, oh wait. I can't think of anything.

Well I'll be damned.
remember when my dreams were dying

[Wednesday _ Oct 20, 2004 @ ]
fuck trying to be nice, then. come get your shoes out of the trash.

the previous entry was stupid. I really didn't even owe you an apology. I tried to be the bigger person and be nice, but kindness is wasted on people like you. Ashley was right about you. Greg was right about you. Go to hell.
2 remember when my dreams were dying

[Wednesday _ Oct 20, 2004 @ ]
ugh...I don't know what happened to me..but I'm really sick. Last night it just came over me I've just been dizzy and my head feels like its exploding. My body keeps alternating between hot and cold and then it just goes sort of numb..and if you look at me my throat is actually like...swollen. It's kind of scaring me because I can barely move and I don't know where I got whatever it is from. And then the fact that there's so much stupid drama going on that I really can't deal with. I just wish someone would come curl up with me and hug me, or at least have someone say something nice to or about me.

P.s- I've had a change of heart this morning. I don't really feel like keeping up arguments with any of the people I'm invloved in the with. And that's kind of a lot of people at the moment. So, in the spirit of....wednesdays....I guess I'm just going to go with...

I'm sorry

to anyone who is mad at me at the moment. So if we could all just shut up and say it back, then life would be a whole lot easier for everyone.
Anyway. I'm gonna go lay down before I barf all over the computer screen. Lovely thought, huh?
4 remember when my dreams were dying

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